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Power Flush

M25 Plumbing and Heating Ltd are a professional Power Flushing company based in London.


Power flushing is the process by which central heating systems are forcibly cleansed using water and chemicals at high velocity, but low pressure, so that no physical damage is caused to the system. We drain the central heating system and then remove the central heating pump or a radiator after that we connect the power flushing machine to your system and we add heavy duty cleansing chemicals. Each radiator is then cleansed individually until they are clean and all sludge is removed. Once every radiator has been treated and the water is running clear inhibitor and anti-freeze is then added to your system to stop any further corrosion. Power flush is the best way to get your heating back to its maximum potential quickly.


Power Flushing is needed, when:


  • Your central heating system is unusually noisy when switched on.
  • Your radiators are not hot all the way through, there are some cold areas.
  • Radiators cold at top and need bleeding due to gases, a by product of rusting.
  • The radiators need to be bleed too often.
  • Radiator has a pinhole leakage.
  • When switched on the central heating system takes ages to warm up.
  • Iron oxide can cause a black sludge to come out.
  • Blocked inoperative or leaking radiator valves.
  • Radiators or pipes are blocked.
  • Dirty black or brown water present when bleeding radiators confirms system corrosion.
  • Radiators cold all over due to blocked valves and pipes.
  • Irritating boiler noise from sludge, a warning sign of imminent costly problems.
  • Boiler cutting out and no circulation due to blocked pump or pipework.


If you have experiencing any of the symptomes above then power flush is recomended.
The cost of power flushing starts from £190 for 5 radiators, if you have more than 5 radiators then add £15 extra for each radiator.

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to book in our power flushing services.



Please note that power flush will not remove all blockages, depending on the type of system you own and how severly blocked it is. For instance if there is a complete blockage then a section of pipe may need cut out and replaced.


Our Central heating power flush service is fully certified, upon completion of the work we will issue you with a certificate confirming the cleanliness of your system and that the work we have done conforms to British Standards BS7593.


Benefits of a power-flush: efficiency of your central heating and hot water system will incres, radiators will work on their maximum capacity, lower fuel bills.


As well as power-flushing we carry out all plumbing & heating works and offer a 24 hour call out service in London.




71 Veronica Gardens, London SW16 5JR
+44 (0) 799 9970 333